Why can’t people accept that their kid really does not have ADHD?

Question by Ryan: Why can’t people accept that their kid really does not have ADHD?
I know that there are many kids out there that really do have this, but doctors and parents “think” that almost half of today’s kids have AD HD! Don’t they know that their kids are either: 1. Eating too much sugar or 2. Not disciplined enough?

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When we understand the difference between relational and logical consequences we can improve our discipline and influence on young people.

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7 thoughts on “Why can’t people accept that their kid really does not have ADHD?”

  1. Because the democrats in our society encourage not thinking for yourself and not taking any accountability for your actions whatsoever. They do this in order to take over and dominate and have a strong central government based on paternalism. A lot of people may not believe me but take a look at the gun control issue, only the democrats and virtually every horrible dictator throughout history love gun control so much to include hitler, stalin, and castro. If your population has no guns then they cannot really revolt from an oppressive government. Essentially rather than accept responsibility for their children’s actions they basically pass the buck to the government because they are too lazy stupid and apathetic to actually do the hard work of parenting themselves.

  2. Or three that schools are taking away recess time so a kid doesn’t have much time in the day to play.. which is what kids are designed to do. Kids are active and aren’t meant to sit in a classroom 6-8 hours a day with a 10 minute break to play.. it’s just not natural.
    So when the kid gets antsy and wants to move his/her legs around and play because it’s in their nature, they automatically have a mental problem. What kind of crap is that?
    Or like you said, eating cereal that has too much sugar makes kids hyper, and not being able to run off the energy makes it build up and explode out at inconvenient times. And kids who aren’t disciplined won’t listen to anything anyone says. But this is natural.. kids are gonna learn to say no and then not listen, you have to punish them, not shove pills down their throats.
    Today’s society is stupid, I’ll tell you what.

  3. If the kid ‘has’ ADHD, then he can’t help himself and, more importantly, the parents can’t be blamed for being bad parents.

  4. Because they want an excuse for their behaviour.
    They don’t want themselves to be bad parents, and question how well they raised their child, so they try to convince themselves and their child that there is something wrong neurologically.

  5. wow!! thank-you so much! What a great way to put it! I do this constantly
    with my kids, and while I knew that I lacked giving consequences, and tried
    to “talk” sense into them by voicing my frustration, I did not realize that
    I was setting them up to believe that love is contingent on good behavior,
    although it always felt like something was not right about it. Thank-you
    for clarifying!!

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