Why does my mom always talk about my virginity?

Question by Smiles: Why does my mom always talk about my virginity?
My mom is obsessed with the fact that I’m a virgin and loves to talk about it, as you can imagine this is really upsetting and also yesterday she was telling my sister in law that I’ve never kissed before and she just said it out of nowhere, like she was bragging about it. I got really mad at her and let her have it because it’s not any of her business, am I wrong to get upset over her doing this? Also, it’s not by choice that I haven’t had a boyfriend before, I have social anxiety so it’s hard for me to talk to people I don’t know

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Answer by David
you were not wrong to be upset your mum is in the wrong

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9 thoughts on “Why does my mom always talk about my virginity?”

  1. your mum is in the wrong although he seems to be like the open type..watever it is virginity is best to be kept and lose during your first night of marriage..haha ! if you want her to stop, then just made up a story and tell her that you’re not virgin..

  2. probably a mixture of things. eg she is trying to push you along path to growing up ( getting a boyfriend etc) and it may be she is showing off a little as she has an innocent daughter . there are many things and take far too long to try an list /cover. sit down with mom and have a heart to heart. she needs to know it is upsetting you. also next time she pipes up something like that Simply add loudly as you leave room! if you really knew what I was getting up to you would keep quite! admit nothing just allude to not being quiet as pristine as she thinks.
    meanwhile Look into building self confidence up – I suffered for years form lack of it- please don’t foll w me and waste years of enjoying life etc. be bold in stages. confidence is a skill and a learning curve but once mastered its for life.
    you were not wrong in letting your mom know your feelings.

  3. Your mom loves you more than anyone ever can or ever will! Don”t be mad at her. Talk to her and let her know that it makes you uncomfortable and she will understand!

  4. your mum sounds like a bit of a b*tch

    when you have sex is completely up to you…and you wouldn’t have to tell your mum about it anyway

    and just realised i spell mum different to you lol, must be the english

  5. Next time your Mum talks about it to anybody, whether they’re a friend or family member. Just look at her and say, “Mum, be quite. This is embarrasing for me.” If she comments back just say something like, “Mum! Quit it! It’s akward!” If she continues when you two are alone say to her; “Mum, please stop talking about my personal life to other people. I have social anxiety. If I didn’t I probably would have kissed a guy. Please stop, it’s creeping me out.” if she doesn’t stop then get some dirt on her (like a secret of hers) and begin talking about it to people when she’s in the room.

  6. Ask you mom about how she lost her virginity ?

    She probably lost it very young to some boy and is ashamed, so is being very protective of you

    Have it out with her and tell her to stop F….ng up your life

    Good luck


  7. don’t worry your mother is happy with the fact that your a virgin and pure, parents tend to take pride with this, she’s just happy that your not a slut or something and feels the need to brag it to other people.

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