Why would people smack their own kids?

Question by cassidy bff♥: Why would people smack their own kids?
I think hitting you kids prove you lack self control. No one deserves to get hit. Since adults spank there children and the children are only small, the strength is too much for them so what we think is light may be really hard for them.

when a parent smacks a child for not doing what the parent wants, it teaches the child that if others don’t do what we want, we should smack ’em. Kids learn social behavior by imitating their parents. This means that parental behavior can affect society beyond just the family unit. Therefore, yes, the government should tell people how to raise their kids because the government has to deal with adults whose parents gave them bad examples.

I personally think it is wrong to hit a child – a big person should never hit a litle person. Also – why would you want to hit your children – you would never do that to a stranger in the street?!

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Answer by KleptEpistem
Adult hits kid,
kid becomes adult,
adult hits kid

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The urge to blurt out an answer in class or explain to mom why the last cupcake is missing is often a source of trouble for kids when they don’t take a momen…

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8 thoughts on “Why would people smack their own kids?”

  1. Company owner yells at boss, boss yells at adult, adult yells at child, child yells at friend, friend yells at company owner. The cycle is complete.

  2. Don’t mistake a gentle tap for an all out smack, there is a big difference. For example my child wants to put her hand in the fire I’d rather she learnt that there is some pain involved by my tapping her on the hand than by her burning herself. Yes I can explain but she’s currently too young to understand, I’ve also not had to yet but it’s an example. No I don’t advocate putting a child over your knee and spanking them hard but that’s the point physical chastisement covers a full spectrum and there are laws in place to prevent it being too hard.

    No government shouldn’t tell us how to raise our children because the majority are good parents who raise good kids and you alienate them when you put a blanket approach in place to deal with a few bad parents. The problem is you might hear about the 10 tearaways in your neighbourhood but not the 100 kids who are well behaved and hard working because where is the story in that.

  3. Because they are unruly, troublesome, don’t listen and must be reminded of the same things time after time after time! It’s not the greatest option but it is one option at a parents disposal when the situation is such that the child is creating a disturbance of some kind…inside or outside of the home!

    No, that’s not what a parent teaches a child when he or she gets “hit” or a spanking. It’s up to the parent to make certain the child realizes that hitting a friend, playmate or schoolmate is NOT the same as a parent disciplining or spanking a child. A child must learn that actions have consequences and that constant repeating of the same request or instruction is not acceptable by any means.

    The government has no business in the lives of normal, every day human beings who obey the laws of this land and pay their fair share of taxes. That’s not the function of government. The only time the government should intrude on the private lives of its citizens is when laws are broken. There is a huge difference between a spanking and a beating! If you beat your child or anyone else you should be arrested and tried for the offense. Those that abuse their children should have their children taken from them and put in a safe place.

    There have been many times when I wished a parent would discipline their child when I was out and about in the street or in a restaurant or on a plane! There were times when I wished I could have given a brat or unruly kid a good swift boot in the butt because he or she was disturbing the general peace or disrupting something. No one wants to hit their children but there are times when it is necessary!

  4. Because most of us can tell the difference between a smack and abuse.

    Nothing wrong with smacking a child if done properly. Just as you would with any other form of discipline it involves a warning, the discipline, an explanation and forgiving your child.

    The majority of parents who smack don’t actually enjoy smacking their children. I’ll occasionally smack my 2yr old son and it breaks my heart when I have to do it. Never the less it is what is required and needs to done.
    It doesn’t teach violence unless the parent is being violent and out of control about it…. but then that would be defined as abuse, which is illegal and a completely different thing altogether.

    EDIT: Smacking isn’t about lack of self control. I think it shows that you have more self control. I don’t know how many parents I’ve seen on here saying that timeouts are for the parent to have a break. It’s not. It’s because the child has done something inappropriate and they need to understand that there are consequences for their actions. I think this can show lack of self control because the parents are just running away from the issue at hand. It’s not the discipline itself that is the concern but how it is administered.

    I would prefer a parent calmly smack their child’s hand rather than a parent screaming at a child to get into the effing timeout as would I prefer a parent calmly telling their child they need a timeout because they did something wrong as opposed to smacking them across the face.

    All forms of discipline can be equally damaging if used incorrectly and all forms of discipline can be equally effective and safe when used correctly.

  5. It’s called “tough love”. I only spank my child if she is about to do something dangerous and if she isn’t listening to me then yes she will get a swat. But i rarely have to do it. All i have to do now is if she isn’t listening is say “Do you want a spanking?” and she backs off.

  6. Because they cant be bothered to actually explain why what they have done is wrong, so they just use a physical pain deterrent

    But I dont think the gov should tell people how to raise their children,
    I dont think spanking should be legal. But thats not telling them how to raise their kids, thats just stopping them abusing them.

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