Would the English Mastiff be the toughest dog?

Question by asdfgh: Would the English Mastiff be the toughest dog?
I know a lot of people say pitbulls are the toughest or maybe a rottweiler but i think this is just based on because they are perceived as ‘bad’ dogs by the media. This is due to more fatalities by pitbulls and rottweilers than any other dog. I just dont think aggression has anything to do with being tougher. A full grown english mastiff is twice the size of a rottweiler and i think an english mastiff is to a dog what a lion or a tiger is to a cat. No dog in my opinion would be able to defeat it. What’s yours? Also i dont want any answers giving me abuse about dog fighting. I am totally against dog fighting and think it is repulsive. I would just like to know people’s opinions

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Answer by demilspencer@yahoo.com
Pitt Bull!

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7 thoughts on “Would the English Mastiff be the toughest dog?”

  1. So by your argument, size equals toughness. By the same merit that you say a mastiff is tougher, it would be equally valid to claim that a whale shark is tougher than a bull shark, simply because it is so much larger.

    No shark would be able to defeat it.

  2. A few years ago I was playing with my friend’s English Mastiff. I didn’t know the dog didn’t like it when you touched his mouth. He was loving all the attention I was giving him, so I kissed him…on the mouth. He made a large growl and wrapped his mouth around my head. He did NOT bite down but I can tell you my whole head was in this dog’s mouth. It was scary. I wouldn’t want to be in that situation again, as a human or another dog.

  3. not the toughest. the ones i’ve known have such gentle, playful temperament. just giant, lovey puppies. now if one accidentally fell asleep on a pitbull or a rottweiler it would be game over.

  4. To be honest i think that NO dog is tough/aggressive etc i just think the way you bring your dog up is the way it will be perceived

  5. As far as “toughness” goes…it’s all in the marinade. You can’t just salt & pepper a mastiff and toss him on the grill. 48 hours minimum soaking in vinegar, Emerils BBQ spice, paprika and one heaping tablespoon of bull$ hit. Slow smoke at about 250 degrees (Approx 6 hours). He’ll be as tender as warm butter….whether it’s a mastiff, pitbull…or snottweiler.

    PS Serve with rice & steamed asparagus

    in other words…”Who gives a $ hit?”

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